Galerie Project Featured Carl Gari Monthly Mix with Toki Yarn Art

Featured Monthly Mix: July 2015 – Carl Gari

Carl Gari is a three man live act who includes Jonas Friedlich, Jonas Yamer, and Till Funke. They reside in Munich, Germany where they have been performing live acts since 2013. Since then the trio has become a unified sound that bring a new approach to live acts as well as an organic energy to festivals. I had discovered their unique talent from their recent live set at Fusion Festival in 2015. Fusion is a world re-nowned festival with top talent from around the globe and yet they found a way to not only stand out but stand alone with their unique mind-bending style.

Their genre description stands true to the meaning of their sound, a ‘Psychedelic Ghetto Rave.’ After listening to the group’s Live recording at Fusion Festival you will understand exactly what that means. Carl Gari’s set weaves and bends genres as they flow from one style into another. All of which capture the complex layering of 3 men using different instruments and machines while living in the moment. Paired with this mix is the ‘visualization of sound’ installation by toluwalase rufai and khai grubbs. When listening to the mix above and viewing the visuals of the installation, it’s easy to see the similarities of complexity between the two groups. Both aim to share an experience of sound, yet each provide a different user experience with their own interpretations.

The duo Toluwalase and Khai go by the name Toki, which is an ongoing collaboration between the two architects. Their latest series seen in the images above and below are called “synth”. The synth series uses yarn art to visualize sound in three dimensions giving a direct relationship between the two mediums. Toki’s yarn art alters the perception of public spaces by constructing colors in rhythm, movement, transparency, and ephemerality. The duo’s direction was a result of an impulsive desire to express the sounds of music in real time and space.

The end result if photographed with human engagement brings to life the movement of a singular perspective within the installation. This human motion gives a final interpretation of the energy felt by these vibrant geometric works of art. This specific piece was done in public space in an abandoned warehouse in Washington D.C. Each of their installations are site specific and they adobt a new artistic vision to each space. Toki plans to continue the “synth” series in new large scale public locations in the near future.

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