Galerie Project - Glennray Tutor: Marvelous Comic Book Marbles

Glennray Tutor: Marvelous Comic Book Marbles

Glennray Tutor’s masterful oil paintings depict transparent rainbow colored marbles which rest upon light dappled comic book pages. Tutor’s photo-realist paintings draw the viewer in with their lifelike yet mystical qualities, capturing a moment seemingly insignificant, yet totally familiar. The juxtaposition between these small objects and the viewer’s sentiment towards these objects is telling of the human condition as a whole. I personally felt a yearning for a time I’m not quite sure ever existed in my reality, however, I cant quite help but feel as though I spent hours looking at scenes not unlike this, young and apart from the world; unknowing and concerned only with the moment as it was.

These scenes are monumental within the collective memory of the past 100 years for that exact reason. They draw us to a time and place that could only exist in the innocent mind of a child. You can almost smell the cookies baking, hear mom shuffling around in the kitchen, dad walking up the front steps after a long day from work, and feel that universe of love that encircled you as a child with a family whose problems were hidden in youthful naivety.


At the root of these paintings is love; either for a past time, an age we’ll never be again, or the idealism of the future. The comic book pages read into this juvenile nostalgia with excerpts like,  “Someday… I too will find the special one, and our love will last forever!”, or “The magic words… I love… You!” and lastly, “This is what two people should mean to each other… love and passion…tenderness”

These lines are at fault for the image we as children conjured up for our soul mate, our parents’ relationship, and more. As time weathered on, the idea of this sort of love became deconstructed and Glennray Tutor captures this “slow to come” realization with “Solo – I dreamed it all”. The caption at the top of the image reads “And when I realized the…To see everything in the …” A blue shadow from a primary colored marble cast over one eye of a woman, an almost concerned look on her face, a thought bubble protruding from her head encircling the words, “I dreamed it all!”. It is as if Tutor is saying, from the plainness of the primary colors, to the infantile association we have with comic books, and the basic knowledge of reality, that childhood and all the expectations we had for adulthood simplicity, are all just an adolescent dream we wake up from.


Ultimately, things as simple as marbles, comic books, and childlike eyes work together in Tutor’s paintings to unfold an array of human emotion. The photorealism of his paintings seizes and captivates the viewer, allowing them to realize that these emotions and failed expectations don’t just exist within us, but are as real as the paint spread across a canvas.

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