Galerie Project Scott Listfield and Jeff Gillette 8

Scott Listfield and Jeff Gillette

In addition to my nightmares being catastrophically dipped in organs, goo and guts (much thanks to this week’s epi of The Walking Dead), the fantasy is following me straight through breakfast and lunch.  I can’t seem to escape the looming reminder of our frailty as a species… there is imminent danger and destruction around every bend on the daily . What every Astronaut knows to be true, you and I might fail to consider over morning coffee:  Mother Earth’s last vicious word, greedy extraterrestrials, toxic detritus and “the day after”.  (Insert here a sigh of relief…) Yes, but there is always Art – even in the end.  As seen on Hi-Fructose.comGallery1988‘s Venice location in Los Angeles recently showed the work of Jeff Gillette and Scott Listfield.  Check out these apres-doom, realistic paintings which shed a little imagination on what the post-apocalyptic landscape might look like. Visualize and have a listen to what I consider a handsome pairing of images and sound – Dieselboy‘s ‘Invid‘. (Bass knob —> Up please).

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