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The Illustrations of Keren Katz

Illustrations are a classic form of art that are still beloved today, especially in the realm of children’s books, comic strips, and graphic novels. Keren Katz, an Israeli illustrator and comics artist, is a successful artist who recently was part of the jury for The Comics and Cartoon Annual. She was also awarded one of the five MoCCA (“Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art”) Festival awards of excellence in April 2015.

Keren earned an MFA in illustration and she has published several books of drawings. Currently she has work listed for sale on several websites. Keren’s illustrations make clever use of color and details, thus they have a visual impact on anyone who looks at them.

Keren was initially interested in dance but turned to illustrations after being inspired to think about stories based on the work of the choreographer Pina Bausch. Hence, most of her artwork somehow centers on movement and, via her drawings, movement is captured on paper. “Putting things into book form is exciting for me, because I am able transform my hysterical silly incoherent thoughts into something serious and communicative at least in appearance, because it has a spine and mass and it has a designated place in the world. It can live in a library, on a shelf. It has a home,” Keren stated in a past interview.

Each year, Keren attends a number of comic festivals which drive her to continuously create new work. Keren currently has several projects underway including a volume of visual stories set at a fantasy school inspired by the Tower of London that is run by a character called “The Raven Master.” Yet her ultimate goal is to write and illustrate a graphic novel—and hopefully get it published. “I enjoy reading graphic novels and appreciate the aesthetics and possibilities of the form,” says Keren. “For the same reason I would also like to teach comics and learn more about the form through my students and their points of view.”

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