Galerie Project - Visionary Landscape Art of Roger Dean

The Visionary Landscape Art of Roger Dean

One of the greatest joys that artwork brings to mankind is the power to escape preconceived limitations and go beyond the border of what seems physically possible in our world. The ‘great beyond’ lies inside each of us. But, visionary artists are the ones born with the innate drive to bring to life what these imaginary possibilities looks like.

Roger Dean is one such artist that opens the portal to the other places, reveling in ‘otherness’ through his use of popping color and eclectic futuristic architectural elements. Born in England in 1944, Roger is an artist, designer and publisher who builds environments and atmospheres that are imaginary and surreal, despite being organic looking. “When I was at college and went to art school, I had no clear idea what I was going to do,” he says. “But part of what I had in mind was an incredible idea that I could design the future. It was a terrific, motivating thing.”


Roger is also well regarded for his internationally renowned album artwork and design work, making memorable designs for bands such as Yes, Asia and Uriah Heep. Back in the days before design work was done digitally, he created logos that paved the way for many album art designers to come. Roger Dean believes that craftsmanship, above all else, is of utmost importance when creating a piece of art. He believes in always maintaining a sense of visual integrity and thinks that this is lacking from modern design today as CD’s and digital downloads have cheapened the object and have taken over the market. “It was a very, very brief period in history when the album cover art and the music came together to make something that was the perfect gift. And it was, a perfect gift.”

It is artwork like Roger’s that inspires me to dream and pushes me to imagine what could be thriving in other corners of the universe.  Lush worlds with exotic creatures and flora, places where gravity doesn’t work the same as it does here on Earth. Possibilities feel endless. To further encourage spatial exploration, please enjoy the gallery below while listening to “Lobby” by The Kilmanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble.

fantasyart_1349047405_34 i_dean4 original RogerDean1PR040411 RogerDean-itsnicethat-2 RogerDean-itsnicethat-5 RogerDean-itsnicethat-6 RogerDean-itsnicethat-7.jpeg RogerDean-itsnicethat-8 RogerDean-itsnicethat-9 RogerDean-itsnicethat-11  roger-dean-x-drawings-535790 yes-artjpg-3ca0e8a3b6002494

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  1. Dean’s “Relayer” cover artwork was his most impressive for me. Away from the curves that were just about everywhere in his Yes work till then, the lettering seemed both electrical and runic, the mountains like easter-island faces that mushroomed upward, into a grey sky, with danger snaking through the rocks below, waiting for the 2 adventurers moving downward into uncertatinty…
    It’s the kind of artwork that really pulls the viewer into it

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