Galerie project - A Moment of Silence for Yann Houri's Inside Identity

A Moment of Silence for Yann Houri’s Inside Identity

So often when viewing art do we project ourselves into a piece, as a viewer. We take our personal weight with us into a gallery and see only what relates to us and our problems. Other times we see only the colored dots floating in our eyes after gazing too long at our bright phone screens, see only what is caught and tangled in our ever skewed and distracted perception. Yann Houri takes this introspection and turns it into his vision. Houri’s charcoal and acrylic portrait paintings are on larger than life canvases with profiles of a thousand colorful strands melting beyond or just within their borders. It serves as a commentary of the viewer. Each color acts as a thread of distracted thought, racing through our minds with thousands of other filaments vying for our attention.


This unique and wise perspective transcends a fabricated story of past or future and aims to affect the viewers present. Gazing at a Houri portrait is like coming to terms with the reality of right now. The first time I saw Houri I was walking the busy streets of San Fransisco, bombarded by the multitude of people, cultures, and copious smells from the Fisherman’s Wharf to the ever ancient trolley clamoring by. A Houri hanging in the window of the ZK Gallery stood out and spoke louder than lightning in the midst of all the sensory overload. I paused and realized how permanent this moment was in the middle of chaos. There was a painting in a window that said, simply, “Pause. Enjoy” and I did.

While I looked on at Houri’s work, a silence came over me, followed by an atmospheric ambiance, not unlike the track “Things Unknown” by Function & Vatican Shadow. Listen while you view Yann Houris’ Inside Identity gallery, to experience it fully. In the grips of chaos, let us pause and absorb only this moment.








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